ULN2803AN 8 Chain CMOS/TTL INP Driver 18p

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 Eight Darlington transistors with common
 Output current to 500 mA
 Output voltage to 50 V
 Integral suppression diodes
 Versions for all popular logic families
 Output can be paralleled
 Inputs pinned opposite outputs to simplify
 board layout

The ULN2801A, ULN2802A, ULN2803A and
ULN2804A each contain eight Darlington
transistors with common emitters and integral
suppression diodes for inductive loads. Each
Darlington features a peak load current rating of
600 mA (500 mA continuous) and can withstand
at least 50 V in the OFF state. Outputs may be
paralleled for higher current capability.
Four versions are available to simplify interfacing
to standard logic families: the ULN2801A is
designed for general purpose applications with a
current limit resistor; the ULN2802A has a 10.5
k input resistor and Zener for 14-25 V PMOS;
the ULN2803A has a 2.7 k input resistor for 5 V
TTL and CMOS; the ULN2804A has a 10.5 k
input resistor for 6-15 V CMOS.
All types are supplied in an 18-lead plastic DIP
with a copper lead form and feature the
convenient input-opposite-output pinout to
simplify board layout.

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