MLX90316LDC-BDG-100- IC Sensor Rotary SPI 850IC

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 Absolute Rotary Position Sensor IC
 Simple & Robust Magnetic Design
 Tria⊗is® Hall Technology
 Programmable Angular Range up to 360
 Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic
 Selectable Analog (Ratiometric), PWM, Serial
 12 bit Angular Resolution - 10 bit Angular
 Thermal Accuracy
 40 bit ID Number
 Single Die – SOIC-8 Package RoHS Compliant
 Dual Die (Full Redundant) – TSSOP-16 Package
 RoHS Compliant

The MLX90316 is a Tria⊗is® Rotary Position
Sensor providing the absolute angular position of
a small dipole magnet rotating above the device
surface (end-of-shaft magnet).
Thanks to an Integrated Magneto-Concentrator
(IMC) on its surface, the monolithic device senses,
in a contactless fashion, the horizontal component
of the applied magnetic flux density.
This unique sensing principle applied to a rotary
position sensor results into an impressive
robustness of the angular position over the
mechanical (airgap, off-axis) tolerances.
The rotation of this horizontal component is
sensed over a wide range (up to 360 Deg. -
complete revolution) and processed by the onchip DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to ultimately
report the absolute angular position of the
magnet either as a ratiometric analog output or as
PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) signal or as a 14-
bit data accessible through a 3-pin SPI (serial
interface) channel.

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