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"We started in 2007 on a farm just outside Vanderbijlpark with a workshop and one employee. Initially, we focused on assisting with software design for mining equipment, offering on-site commissioning for mines in the Vaal and Mpumalanga regions. Over time, we expanded our capabilities and resources, and we now have a team of 17 people with offices in Vereeniging and Knysna

Our expertise lies in automation system design, installation, and maintenance. With full computer-aided design capabilities, we excel not only in automation system software design but also in computer and embedded system software design. This allows us to create systems that integrate automation, computers, embedded systems, and even mobile devices.

In addition, we offer a service to design and manufacture panel labels for the industry, specializing in electrical and instrumentation labels and tags. Our offerings extend to multilayer plastic and metal labels, with a focus on direct laser etching on stainless steel for durable labeling.

Our clientele spans across South Africa and Africa. We've undertaken projects in Swaziland, Botswana, Tanzania, Morocco, Senegal, Namibia, and more. Furthermore, we manufacture parts that are exported to Australia, Africa, and the USA. We also collaborate with other businesses to design and manufacture electronic parts and systems, enhancing their capabilities.

One of our exciting projects involves working towards creating an automation portal for automation services and parts. This platform aims to bring together various players in the industry to showcase their services and products, providing Africa and South Africa with a unified point of contact for automation needs.

The industries we are currently active in include industrial automation, part manufacturing equipment, CNC systems, yellow metal mining machines, water purification, injection molding, electronic manufacturing, and continuous improvement."

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