We take pride in supplying  quality products to all our customers whether it be through our websites www.seweb.co.za, www.select-ap.co.za, www.stockelectronics.co.za our multi vendors and even when you shop directly at our shop.

Stock Electronics (Pty) Ltd Warranty Period is valid for 1 (One) year only from the date of purchase on defects in material and or workmanship of the product.

1.        Exclusions from our warranty cover and will not apply:

a)        to products that are not installed, used or maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's specification, instruction, recommendations and or technical data  sheets, industry standards, building or electrical codes, approvals or regulations.

b)       will not cover damage, deterioration, modifications, improper or unreasonable use of maintenance, misuse, abuse, accident or incident, neglect, exposure to moisture, fire and improper packing and shipping (damages to packaging and shipping must be raised with the carrier), power surges, lightning or any other natural source of nature.

c)        to damage and deterioration and malfunction resulting from installation or removal of this product from any installation, unauthorized tampering, repairs attempted by anyone unauthorized by our company to make such repairs, or any other cause which does not relate directly to the defect in material or the workmanship of this product.

d)       defects caused by improper storage, installation, pre-existing conditions, engineering design defects, preparation, inappropriate product selection, fair wear and tear, exposure to corrosive conditions or damage caused by vermin or insects.

e)       to cartons, equipment enclosures, cables or accessories used either with or in conjunction with the product.

f)         deterioration of color, shade or texture due to exposure to sunlight directly or indirectly.

g)        products installed and used outside of South Africa.

h)       products that have not been supplied through our website, our vendors, or our shop.

i)         no warranty claim will be made without the original proof of payment and dated receipt.


2.        Voiding of Warranty

a)        the product has been associated, mixed or used with other manufacturer products.

b)       if we, at our own discretion, and a relevant warranty claim is made, need to physically inspect, and test the relevant product require reasonable access to the installation site and access is denied.

c)        when, a third or outside party has attempted to repair or replace the defect before the warranty has been claimed.

d)       to the extent the claimed loss or damage was caused by products not supplied or manufactured or supplied from our company respectively.

e)       when a customer was able to prevent the damage or further damage to the products.


3.        Corrective Actions

We will provide one of the following three (3) options to whatever extent it shall deem necessary to satisfy the warranty claim:

a)        either, repair or facilitate the repair of any defective parts within the warranty period of 1 (one) year, free of charge for the necessary parts and labor to complete the repair.

b)       replace the product with a direct replacement or with a similar product deemed to perform the same function as the original product and with the same value or,

c)        issue a refund of the original product purchase price.


4.        Special Conditions

a)        our warranty is not transferable to any 3rd (third) party purchaser or owners. 

b)       only the original purchaser is covered by this warranty.

c)        when a warranty claimed is made to Stock Electronics (Pty) Ltd and the products is returned via a carrier all shipment insurance cost will be paid by the purchaser. If the product is returned uninsured, the purchaser will automatically assume all risk of loss or damage that may occur during transit. The product will be properly packed and sealed in with no damage to the original carton.

d)       Stock Electronics (Pty) Ltd will not be responsible for any cost related to the removal or installation of the product unless it was an additional service agreed upon by both parties in writing.

e)       the warranty claim liability on replacement or refund will not exceed the original purchase price.

f)         when warranty claim is granted, and a product is repaired or replaced, no extension on the warranty is granted. The warranty is still only valid from day of purchase.  


5.        How to make a warranty claim:

a)        Fill in the waranty form

b)       Contact Stock Electronics (Pty) Ltd at (016) 421-8001 and speak to a sales representative

Whereto they will instruct you what to do next or,

c)        email: sales@seweb.co.za

d)       Log onto the respective website where you purchased the product from.

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