4A XL60009E1 Adjustable DC-DC Step Up Boost Converter Power Supply Module

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Overview: The XL6009 is a 4A step up boost module. With the XL6009E1 chip, it boasts second generation high frequency switching technology. Features: • Non-synchronous rectifier • Non-isolation voltage boost • Built-in current limit function, thermal shutdown function, soft start function, and frequency compensation function. • Built in voltmeter • Equipped with the Schottky diode • Built in ventilation hole on PCB to enhance the capacity of heat dissipation • Rectification Mode: Asynchronous rectification Specification: • Input voltage: 4.3V-32V DC • Output voltage: 5V-35V DC • Input current: 4A (maximum) • Efficiency: 94%(Max) Normal efficiency ~85% • Switching frequency: 40KHz • Output ripple: 50mVp-p • Load regulation: ±0.5% • Voltage regulation: ±0.5% • Size: 6.98cm*3.80cm Function Key: • Short press: input/output display options • Moderate press: Enter the state to fine tune/adjust the switch. Increase or decrease the offset (the default is 0), when the voltage display inaccurate use. Short according to the regulation, long press or long according to restore • Long press: low power consumption is displayed, the digital display and the lights are out, the normal work of the module. Click the button again to restore. Normal display • Adjusting the potentiometer: Clockwise - increasing voltage; Counter clockwise - decrease voltage Package includes: • 1 x XL6009 4.5-32v Step-Up Boost Power Module With Display


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