LM2596 DC-DC Voltage Regulator Adjustable Step Down Power Supply Module with Display

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Overview: The DC-DC adjustable step-down power supply Buck Module LM2596 voltage regulator with voltmeter comes with a digital display. Features/Operating Instructions: • With a voltmeter display, voltmeter error rate is ± 0.1V, range is 4 ~ 40V. (Note: if the input voltage is lower than 4V, the onboard voltmeter does not work and does not display) • Use the button to switch between measuring input or output voltage. An indicator light shows which terminal voltage is being measured. By default, the input voltage is displayed and the input indicator IN is on. When the button is pressed, the digital tube displays the output voltage and the output indicator OUT is on. The last setting is stored , even after switching off • The voltmeter can be turned off. Press and hold the switch for more than 1 second and less than 4 seconds. After the voltmeter is turned off, just press the switch briefly to turn on the voltmeter. • The input and output voltage measurement error calibration function - Long press the switch for more than 4 seconds to enter the voltage measurement error calibration function. At this time, the IN light is on (calibrating the input terminal), and the digital display flashes to display a positive value (factory parameter is 0.0). At this time, you can change this value by pressing the button shortly (the value range is -0.5 ~ 0.5, the unit is V). A positive number indicates upward calibration, and a negative number indicates downward calibration. After adjusting the calibration value of the input terminal, press and hold the button for more than 2 seconds, and enter the error calibration of the output terminal after releasing. At this time, the OUT light is on (calibrating the output terminal), and the calibration value of the output terminal is displayed. The adjustment method is the same as that of the input terminal. After the calibration value at the output ends, press and hold the button for more than 2 seconds, and save the set value and return to the normal display voltage after letting go. The set correction value will take effect immediately and will not be lost after power failure. (With this function, you can meet your higher accuracy requirements) • The input voltage must be more than 1v higher than the voltage to be output • The maximum output current can be as high as 3A if a heat dissipation device is used. It is recommended that the working current be about 2A. • Some customers reported that the output voltage of the module cannot be adjusted and is always equal to the input voltage. When you encounter this kind of problem, please turn the potentiometer counter clockwise for more than 10 turns, and then use the module to adjust the voltage normally. Because when the step-down module leaves the factory, the default output voltage is about 20V. Specification: • Input Voltage : DC 4~40V • Voltmeter error rate is ± 0.1V • Output Voltage : DC 1.25~37V • Output Current : 2A(for stable operation), 3A max. • Voltmeter : 0~40V • Voltmeter Accuracy : .+/-0.1V • The unit adopts the internal oscillation frequency of 150KHz Scope of application • This module can be used in step-down fields where the input voltage is higher than the output voltage, such as batteries, power transformers, DIY adjustable regulated power supplies, 12V to 3.3V, 12V to 5V, 24V to 5V, 24V to 12V, 35V to 24v, etc.


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