SNZB-02D Zigbee LCD Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor

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The SONOFF SNZB-02D is a Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor equipped with a 2.5-inch LCD display. The SONOFF SNZB-02D is a convenient and accurate sensor for monitoring temperature and humidity in your living environment. Whether you want to ensure comfort or track changes over time, this device has you covered!

Wide Variety of Applications: Greenhouse, Incubator, Reptile Terrarium, Humidor, Wine Seller, Instrument.


Display and Icons: The large, bold numbers on the LCD screen show real-time temperature and humidity readings. Additionally, there are icons that indicate air conditions (hot, cold, dry, or wet) to help you adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier for optimal comfort. The display also includes power icons to show current power usage.

Compatibility: The SNZB-02D works with Zigbee 3.0 gateways such as the SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro, SONOFF NSPanel Pro, SONOFF ZBDongle-P/E, and Alexa with Built-in Zigbee Hub.

Accuracy: The built-in Swiss-made sensor ensures accurate measurements. The temperature accuracy is up to ±0.2°C, while humidity accuracy is ±2%RH. Data is updated every 5 seconds, providing real-time information about your environment.

Smart Scene: The temperature and humidity of the sensor can be set as triggers, such as setting the humidifier to turn on when the humidity is less than 40%, adjusting to the comfort temperature and humidity at any time for your health.

Monitoring Range: With coverage up to 120 meters (approximately 400 feet) under ideal conditions (no obstructions), you can monitor temperature and humidity from a distance.

Alerts and Historical Data: If the temperature or humidity exceeds the preset range, you’ll receive an instant alert via the app. You can also view historical data by day, month, and year, including half-year curve graphs. Data can be exported as .CSV files.

Data Storage & Export: Up to half-year free cloud storage, and most accurate enough to view hourly data. you can also check the highest and lowest values at any hour or day.

Placement Options: The sensor can be mounted in three ways: tabletop stand, magnetic back, or 3M adhesive. This flexibility allows you to place it anywhere in your home, from the living room to the baby room, kitchen, greenhouse, and more.

Fast Refresh: The SONOFF SNZB-02D takes approximately 5 seconds to refresh.

Notifies you when battery is low.

Voice Control: It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so you can inquire about the current temperature or humidity using voice commands.



Model: SNZB-02D

Color: White

Battery: CR2450 (3V)

Battery life: 2 Years

Wireless Connections: Zigbee 3.0

Working humidity: 5-95%RH (non-condensing)

Working temperature: -9.9°C to 60°C

LCD dimension: 2.8 inches

Casing material: PC+LCD

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