SONOFF Micro Zigbee USB Smart Adaptor

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Smart Manage: For a fully seamless smart living experience, this adapter doubles as a Zigbee USB hub, allowing you to establish smart timers, smart scenarios, and even control USB devices remotely using an app.

Supports Fast Charging Adapter: When using the original fast-charging adapter, your devices can be charged up to 36W at their maximum speed, allowing them to be powered back up as quickly as possible. To prevent overcharging, set a schedule for your device.

Hi-Speed USB 2.0: When combined with Hi-Speed USB 2.0, data transmission efficiency is greatly increased.
Compatible with Zigbee 3.0 -Assists with Zigbee hubs that use the 3.0 protocol, including the SmartThings hub V3, Philips Hue, Echo Plus 2nd, SONOFF iHost, SONOFF NSPanel Pro, ZB Bridge Pro, ZBDongle-P, and ZBDongle-E.
Broad Transmission Range - Upgrade your network capabilities with Turbo Mode, which uses cutting-edge technology to increase signal strength and range while giving your devices a dependable and seamless connection.


With the SONOFF ZBMicro, you can automate your USB devices, use the original fast-charging adapter, arrange a time for your gadget to resurrect it as soon as possible, and avoid overcharging—the maximum fast charging rate of 36W means you won't have to worry about that!

With the addition of Hi-Speed USB 2.0, SONOFF ZBMicro dramatically increases data transmission efficiency.

Zigbee hubs that support Zigbee 3.0, such as SONOFF iHost, SONOFF NSPanel Pro, ZB Bridge Pro, ZBDongle-P, ZBDongle-E, Echo Plus 2nd, Philips Hue, and SmartThings hub V3, are compatible with SONOFF ZBMicro. To easily implement your home automation, ZBMicro is also available for open-source automation systems like Home Assistant, Zigbee2MQTT, and openHAB (Zigbee Dongle required, e.g. SONOFF ZBDongle-P/ ZBDongle-E).

With ZBMicro, you can unlock an intelligent life. You can use the app for remote control, create smart scenarios and timers, and even give voice commands for an incredibly smooth smart life experience.

In addition, ZBMicro can function as a Zigbee router to assist in transmitting the signal and guarantee a reliable connection in homes with several Zigbee devices. With Turbo Mode, your network capabilities will be enhanced by cutting-edge technology that not only increases signal strength and range but also ensures a smooth and reliable connection for your devices.

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