SONOFF iHost AIBridge-26 Smart Home Hub 4Gb

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The SONOFF iHost AIBridge-26 is a smart home hub with 4GB RAM that acts as a private local server for your smart home system. With The iHost, you can connect and control all your devices effortlessly, even if the Internet is down.
It allows local control of devices, scene linking, and intelligent security configuration.
It supports both Wi-Fi LAN and Zigbee devices, managing up to 128 Zigbee devices.


Private Local Server: Designed as a private local server, iHost acts as the core of your smart home setup.

Local Device Control: It offers the ability to locally connect and control devices, ensuring uninterrupted operation even when the internet is unavailable.

Scene Linkage: iHost enables seamless coordination between devices and scenes, enhancing your smart home experience.

Smart Security Settings: You can configure intelligent security settings tailored to specific scenarios, bolstering the safety of your smart home.

Data Privacy: Device data is securely stored locally, preserving your privacy, and preventing external access.

Compatibility: Compatible with both Wi-Fi LAN devices and devices adhering to the Zigbee standard protocol.

Expandable Network: It supports up to 128 sub-devices, allowing comprehensive management of your smart home ecosystem.

Local Data Storage: Scene logs, operation logs, and security logs are all stored within a local database, with support for up to 2000 data entries.

Open API and Addon Integration: iHost supports an open API and Docker containerization, enabling the installation or development of additional Add-ons for enhanced convenience in your smart life.

Built in microphone and speaker.

Work as your Smart Home Bridge: You can synchronize various devices within iHost to platforms such as Alexa, Google Home, Apple, and others using the Matter bridge. Make the non-Matter protocol devices to be used in the platform that supports Matter.

Bridge to Home Network: Install the Homebridge plugin and synchronize devices from iHost to Homebridge by activating the eWeLink Cube plugin. This allows you to manage and control these devices through the Home APP.

Work as your local Smart Home Server: iHost is equipped with a powerful built-in rule engine that allows customizing various complex automation rules. These rules are stored locally and do not require external network or cloud support. Even in the evet of network disconnection, iHost can still fuction normally, ensuring low-Latency operation.

Local Automation: iHost supports settings local security modes and smart scenes. With software updaes it gradually unlocks more customizable capabilities. (Auto Scene, Security Mode, Manual Scene, Special Scene.)


Model: Albridge
Product: RV1109 DDR4 2G, RV1126 DDR4 4G
Zigbee Module: Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 SoC
Wi-Fi Module: 2.4G Wi-Fi&BLE RTL8723 Wireless Module
Storage methods: USB and TF card(Max. 256GB for TF card)
Input: 5V 2A
Power supply interface type: Type-C
Casing material: ABS
Network interface type: RJ45
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHZ, Zigbee 3.0
Color: White
Size: 120mm X 41mm X135mm
Processor: 1.5 GHz Quad-Core

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